by Karl Counterfeit

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released February 19, 2016



all rights reserved


Karl Counterfeit Illinois

Music by Karl

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Track Name: It Fucks Me Up
if these delusions get me through this then so be it i need something
there's pollution in my head so im not wasting time
there's no point in sitting up today is what i hear every morning
in my head it fucks me up but i clock in on time

i haven't hit bottom yet but i have hope that it gets better
for the first time in forever my future looks bright
Track Name: It's Not So Tragic
I could never see it so clearly i could be on my own i never wnat to miss you
i could never sink so low
like id ever need you though
its not so tempting this time its still always in my mind the way i felt when i was with you i never want to relive it

wrong is wrong and right is right but i just feel so calm tonight
i dont care how i got here
the tables always turn and so once again i have no home
its not so tragic this time its still always in my mind the way i felt when i was with you i never want to be that broken
Track Name: Welcome Back
i dont know just who i am anymore
welcome back to who you were back before
i was not prepared for what was in store
but i cant say im going to lay dont and die
never giving up this life
even alone

i thought id want to get drunk just to sleep
bought some wine i barely touched it for weeks
you have to face this head on or youll be stuck
behind the greiving takes time and it burns
im just so thankful i learned while im young
Track Name: Pipe Dream
its a secret ;) shut up
Track Name: Constellation
A constellation makes the world seem smaller
The recreational outrage will push us farther and segregate
Until the cliff we have to climb grows taller
You need to hear someone to prove them wrong or dont bother

Don't ever become the same person
The same person that caused your burden
You can't recreate the same behavior that you hate
I know its tough to admit
And the ones you fight won't submit
You can't reproduce the same actions of their abuse